The problems we face have no party affiliation nor do they have a “party solution”. As an independent, I will work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to improve public safety by closing loopholes that have led to a rise in burglaries and car thefts.  I will call on my experience as a VTA board member to help find and fund local solutions to our traffic congestion problems. 

I am proud of my record on supporting unique ideas for helping the unhoused.  As a Senator I will call for more funding to be spent on housing and caring for our mentally ill population. I have found numerous ways to save money in my tenure and  I will continue to use my financial skills to find budgetary savings, so we can improve funding for our schools and colleges.

As an immigrant who attended public schools, built a career as a financial advisor and then chose to serve the people of San Jose and the region I have lived the American Dream.  My success in solving many problems in our community has inspired me to use my experience to serve the people of State Senate District 15.  Please give me the opportunity to serve you. I would appreciate your support.